Plast-Pack Matter | November 2014

Sofia and Squeezy range products.


Sofia and Squeezy range products are among the most complete on the market, with the same closure diameter for each model.

Sofia: 187ml, 290ml, 320ml, 620ml, 960ml, 1077ml
Squeezy: 220ml, 290ml, 320ml, 450ml, 515ml, 740ml, 970ml

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In exclusivity, first squeeze toy bottle, in the form of a figurine.


Plast-Pack, in collaboration with the company Bufis, has created and developed this totally new concept on the European market.


New bottle: Sofia 960 ml

This bottle has been designed and developed in collaboration with XY. Its advantages are: easy to squeeze, unique design, easy to handle, possibility to personalize the decoration and sleeve options.


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